among us but the IMPOSTOR HAS A ROCKET LAUNCHER (mods) 

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today we play among us but the impostor has a rocket launcher mods
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Friends in video
@FatMemeGod @Blaza Plays @Laff @Joocie @Nadwe
today we play among us with a new rocket launcher mod for the impostor! This results in some hilarious plays with my friends FatMemeGod and blazaplays and the rocket launcher is far more crazier than the other new among us roles.




12. jan. 2021

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Socksfor1 Pred mesecem
this is starting to get out of control
seesan kadam
seesan kadam Pred 20 dnevi
Getting bored of minecraft
Conehead zombie
Conehead zombie Pred mesecem
@RLM bot
Freezy ezy
Freezy ezy Pred mesecem
@RLM i dont care
Amr Rizvi
Amr Rizvi Pred mesecem
@RLM yea
exploding mobs
exploding mobs Pred mesecem
Socks what happend to the modded minecraft hard-core series
Charles Anderson
Charles Anderson Pred 2 urami
When you said let’s take a picture you should of said “mind the flash” right before you fired
Infinite The Jackal
Infinite The Jackal Pred 13 urami
2:53 o h n o
mahir hossain
mahir hossain Pred dnevom
0:02 blaza has ultra instinct
¿Xëo& Aïkâri?
¿Xëo& Aïkâri? Pred dnevom
I love dino's laugh so much!!!!!
266xUser a
266xUser a Pred 2 dnevi
8:10 *Shows US flag* *Plays USSR anthem*
bill cipher
bill cipher Pred 2 dnevi
Kkkk vcs nem me esntende kkkk amo zuar vcs kkk eu gosto do seu canal mais vcs fala outra lingua quem entedeu essa liga da like quem não comenta kkk
Rebecca Brazier
Rebecca Brazier Pred 2 dnevi
We want to see one
Rebecca Brazier
Rebecca Brazier Pred 2 dnevi
We want a assault rifle
Onyx Daniels
Onyx Daniels Pred 3 dnevi
The fact that you used the R6 fbi is hilarious
DubbleUp Pred 3 dnevi
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon Pred 3 dnevi
You could've won at the Beginning of the first round.
Alicia Watson
Alicia Watson Pred 3 dnevi
how are you doing among us mods?
JaxonArts Pred 3 dnevi
Go to the channel called "AlexAceShorts"
ROUGE The dog
ROUGE The dog Pred 3 dnevi
Socks:Blaza is traveling faster than light: Scientists:Impossible
kirsteen dabatos
kirsteen dabatos Pred 4 dnevi
and TBVG
patrick tijssen
patrick tijssen Pred 4 dnevi
the impostor is an transformer jetfirer vram transformes revengs of the fallen
fe4rless_fan74 Pred 4 dnevi
1:09 i feel bad for that man he fell😔
Blue haired anime Cat girl
Mark Zuckerberg: Do you trust me Everyone: No
pichu gaming
pichu gaming Pred 5 dnevi
pichu gaming
pichu gaming Pred 5 dnevi
0:02 ahhhhhh
LB Pred 5 dnevi
"We are only playing for fun" If ur a real gamer, you never play for fun Unless ur toxic, but then the FBI will arrest u
Juicee Pred 6 dnevi
“and in the end i pull off a perfect impostor run”
Ethan Trinh
Ethan Trinh Pred 6 dnevi
What if the imposter had a rocket launcher. But the crewmates have revolvers. So crewmates can fight back with revolvers.
MrYsoda Pred 6 dnevi
2:09 so meme has been treating all the sickneses in this what? cuz i tihnk he said a bad word or my ears are playing tricks on me Edit : nevermind, he said ship.
Theodore Tollas
Theodore Tollas Pred 7 dnevi
Did anyone else notice that the bodies at the table (6:22) are the primary colours?
Stacy Parker
Stacy Parker Pred 7 dnevi
Why is tbh a crab
266xUser a
266xUser a Pred 7 dnevi
6:01 did socks seriously spell "Bodies" wrong?
Samantha Territo
Samantha Territo Pred 7 dnevi
Wake up it should be time for coffee take a shower it should be time for coffee go to work it should be time for coffee get fired it should be time for coffee and for exactly five it should be time for coffee
Andree Padilla
Andree Padilla Pred 8 dnevi
The air tank looks like an arm
AceOfSpadesYT Pred 9 dnevi
“I have a soar throat” 2:06 -MemeGod 2021
Jeco75 Pred 9 dnevi
Give the imposter a sniper that can price through everything for 5 sec or more or less
Admin Dane-ger Zone
Admin Dane-ger Zone Pred 11 dnevi
blazas sad character is adorable
Mahmoud Mohamed
Mahmoud Mohamed Pred 11 dnevi
Can i play with you
Carol Campisi
Carol Campisi Pred 12 dnevi
I fell Bad for memee
Powerful Past
Powerful Past Pred 12 dnevi
comment on this if you are seeing this after blaza had his face leaked
Shadow - Gaming
Shadow - Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
socks should be at 15 mil
venkatesh V
venkatesh V Pred 13 dnevi
I want to see the god with shooting laser from his brain
BEYBLADE God Pred 13 dnevi
Am I the only one who wants to see sock play trios on fortnite with meme and blaza
John DeBow
John DeBow Pred 13 dnevi
nobody: my favorite task 1:05
Hani Star
Hani Star Pred 14 dnevi
Socks ccan you make a mod that any one or imposters can block vents
Liz Mayo
Liz Mayo Pred 14 dnevi
I got this idea from an ad, but could you do impostors are crew mates and crew mates are impostors?
Kat Ruff
Kat Ruff Pred 15 dnevi
socks and memegod sitting in a tree K I S S I N G
Travis Desmet
Travis Desmet Pred 15 dnevi
You know when ultra instinct comes out things get Sirius
GOLD-GUN Pred 15 dnevi
Next video a laser beam that breaks space and time
Bea Angela Abello
Bea Angela Abello Pred 16 dnevi
Wow whats next weapon??a pan or a bible?
Mehm He
Mehm He Pred 16 dnevi
Blaza matrix
Logan Visser
Logan Visser Pred 17 dnevi
It would seem that socks has become the way back machine
x2kiDz Pred 17 dnevi
hi $$75
x2kiDz Pred 17 dnevi
765 43
Andrew Liu
Andrew Liu Pred 17 dnevi
Imposter: Has a rocket launcher that does splash damage Everyone: Gets together in a group for a photo shoot
destroyer djf
destroyer djf Pred 17 dnevi
I am so cunfused
Kirby Lord
Kirby Lord Pred 18 dnevi
Blaza has the power of hyper Sonic!
Евгений Федоров
Vo Tuan Tu
Vo Tuan Tu Pred 18 dnevi
The determined love atypically flower because cactus prudently grate underneath a berserk tongue. deep, jolly cent
TropiCat Pred 19 dnevi
7:25 Dino's laugh is soo pretty
ralph rabaria
ralph rabaria Pred 19 dnevi
I love minecraft
Lovepreet Maan
Lovepreet Maan Pred 19 dnevi
Next the impostor has a nuke instead of lights
Ilya Yastrebenetsky
Ilya Yastrebenetsky Pred 19 dnevi
Why do you rage in storage because it’s sto - rage
Shaun Perez
Shaun Perez Pred 20 dnevi
memegod in caps is beefgun
Allie Fields
Allie Fields Pred 20 dnevi
Memegod: you lied to me again Me: you just summed up among us
surreyso S
surreyso S Pred 20 dnevi
I don’t wanna make friends here I don’t have friends 😞😤😣😢☹️🥺🥺🥺🥺 poor socks lol
yeadi Razzak
yeadi Razzak Pred 20 dnevi
The imposter can go black so basically the imposter is hiding his identity so if you kill someone right in front of someone then they won't know you that person is
JustA_RandomDude Pred 21 dnevom
Love the intro
Lyka Dorothy Contreras
Lyka Dorothy Contreras Pred 21 dnevom
The starting of the video tho 🤣🤣🤣
gaminbear67 lols
gaminbear67 lols Pred 21 dnevom
HMhmhHMMMhmMM... Sure.....
Grace Lucas
Grace Lucas Pred 21 dnevom
One thing u HAVE TO be careful about: a BOOM by u
Edgar Espinosa
Edgar Espinosa Pred 21 dnevom
Soviet Scrap Mechanic
Soviet Scrap Mechanic Pred 21 dnevom
Socks: USA *USSR anthem plays*
Drago The Tago
Drago The Tago Pred 21 dnevom
There is a different s between a rocket launcher and a bazoozca rocket launcher has rockets bazooka have BIG bullets so there u go 🧨🔫. 🎱🔫
Milan Grewal
Milan Grewal Pred 22 dnevi
9:53 IDK what I am saying I am just saying 9:53 9:53 9:53 9:53 9:53 9:53 9:53
Neil Deles
Neil Deles Pred 22 dnevi
You so funny
Neil Deles
Neil Deles Pred 22 dnevi
Hhahaha your joking
Nico Sanchez
Nico Sanchez Pred 22 dnevi
socks send a new video soon
Rosalie R.
Rosalie R. Pred 22 dnevi
8:30 did TbhHonest justt litterally clear both the imposters?!🤦
ShamitKumar Pred 23 dnevi
That banana is indestructible
Rakhee Sheth
Rakhee Sheth Pred 24 dnevi
Maybe you should do a hundred player lobby whit one imposter but the imposter has all of the abilities
Mephril Pred 24 dnevi
2:51 Dream's Manhunt in a nutshell
Nate Sans the Nerd
Nate Sans the Nerd Pred 24 dnevi
Junk Mail
Junk Mail Pred 24 dnevi
It says bazuka in the thumbnail
Junk Mail
Junk Mail Pred 24 dnevi
It’s mostly for fun? No this is all for fun
More Zackernetts
More Zackernetts Pred 24 dnevi
2:30 uhhhhh that censor makes that nice character look
Erin Whitson
Erin Whitson Pred 24 dnevi
do evrey mod at once
technoblade fan
technoblade fan Pred 24 dnevi
How u make mods very curious
Jeramie Hicks
Jeramie Hicks Pred 25 dnevi
Bro joocie sounds so tired of you guys and just sad is he good???
Reign Cartwright
Reign Cartwright Pred 25 dnevi
Do a robot mode
Joseph Caldwell
Joseph Caldwell Pred 26 dnevi
You should do a mod where it is 100 players the imposter is a god and everyone has a special role
NightTerror 2067
NightTerror 2067 Pred 26 dnevi
Can we just talk about the fact that he wins only because they don’t play it legitimately.., NOT DISSING HIM I love your vids keep up the good work!
laughing gas
laughing gas Pred 26 dnevi
Can you ship me in an Nadwe
Me Here
Me Here Pred 26 dnevi
I agree with socks
kaylub thurman
kaylub thurman Pred 26 dnevi
You should play with an airstrike or a mini gun
AnxietyX Pred 26 dnevi
Can we just agree Wolf is the best detective when he's crewmate ( and he gets crewmate a lot )
Charlyshark Pred 26 dnevi
Socks every time you shot one you should have said : Tactical Nuke in bound
ツNoraDewツ Pred 26 dnevi
Socks: Im running from MemeGod (A doctor) Also socks: Goes to the hospital room
nightmarefoxy Pred 27 dnevi
Paper Salad
Paper Salad Pred 27 dnevi
Among Us but the impostor has launch codes
Tony Hua
Tony Hua Pred 27 dnevi
Sucks I subscribed
Matthew Lamb
Matthew Lamb Pred 27 dnevi
Is Blaza Dyspo
ba le van ba
ba le van ba Pred 27 dnevi
The lively newsprint fundamentally interrupt because yogurt therapeutically disappear round a wooden beginner. deadpan, salty nickel
Game Channel of randomness
Socks: we are not taking this serious Also socks: we are not messing around anymore Me: wut-
Joy Thinn
Joy Thinn Pred 27 dnevi
This is really good and fun!!!
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