among us but the impostors have LIGHTSABERS (jedi mods) 

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today we play among us mods but the impostors have lightsabers
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In this video we play our new among us gamemode where we have given the impostors lightsabers! We combined it with our other among us mods such as jester,sheriff, doctor, mayor, and even detective among us roles.




21. jan. 2021

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Socksfor1 Pred mesecem
Roberto Peña Cabs
Roberto Peña Cabs Pred 13 dnevi
Angry Charles Calvin
Angry Charles Calvin Pred 16 dnevi
@Charles Calvin Are you me?
Riel Blanco
Riel Blanco Pred 20 dnevi
Blaza looks like chandler lol
Garcia Jason
Garcia Jason Pred 25 dnevi
Um Ali Ashknani
Um Ali Ashknani Pred mesecem
No no way that’s blaza
Kaden Bruneau
Kaden Bruneau Pred 14 urami
Its over anekin, I have the high ground, oh I get it 0:00
Bradyn Mitchell
Bradyn Mitchell Pred 16 urami
How do you get the same colors
Tiny Devil
Tiny Devil Pred 23 urami
The little blaza animation is funny
mm lya
mm lya Pred dnevom
12:00 uh oh
mm lya
mm lya Pred dnevom
mm lya
mm lya Pred dnevom
The new star wars movie looks amazing!
mm lya
mm lya Pred dnevom
5:49 yo dudes, the empire's pretty chill! Maybe you can like join it or something-
Adryan Carey
Adryan Carey Pred dnevom
Darius_gamer Pred dnevom
meme God is 18
Deonte Taylor
Deonte Taylor Pred dnevom
6:00 socks killed them all faster then meme could finish is sentence 🤣🤣🤣
Kenneth Liu
Kenneth Liu Pred dnevom
I love the begining
Achilles Gillies
Achilles Gillies Pred 2 dnevi
rayer 100
rayer 100 Pred 2 dnevi
he should have said at the end muffin comence order 66
Doge 1932
Doge 1932 Pred 2 dnevi
socks want to join the dark side blaza the dark side wheres that brazil
Aaron R
Aaron R Pred 2 dnevi
Do a battle Royale with this mod
Cats r cool
Cats r cool Pred 3 dnevi
There's nothing here Nothing I told you😠 Fine u win
Red Minicrewmate
Red Minicrewmate Pred 3 dnevi
Socks: It's over Blaza! I have the the high ground Blaza: You underestimate my power! Socks: Don't try it Blaza: *trys to kill socks* Also Blaza: burns and turns into Darth Vader
jatinder pal sharma
jatinder pal sharma Pred 4 dnevi
Viki Pred 4 dnevi
Socks: *Casually doing his intro* The gang: *slashing their light saber at socks*
Jack Wagon
Jack Wagon Pred 4 dnevi
Crewmates are the light side,while Imposters are the Dark Side.
The Wesam gamer
The Wesam gamer Pred 4 dnevi
More more I won’t follow you on Instagram because that spoil my age and other followers will report me and I will get banned
Thomas Gustav Franc
Thomas Gustav Franc Pred 5 dnevi
Lelia Miell
Lelia Miell Pred 5 dnevi
5:52 emperor palatine spin
Bigheadgamerboy Pred 5 dnevi
how to get light saber mod
trash content 101
trash content 101 Pred 5 dnevi
Its like Anakin and the younglings
Tyler Williams
Tyler Williams Pred 6 dnevi
I wonder, at 6:55, when Tbh says its socks, i wonder what his first clue was. Any ideas?
Shiny DiamondX
Shiny DiamondX Pred 7 dnevi
Its no use blaza i have the high ground Blaza: COIN SABERRRR
Bill Matthews
Bill Matthews Pred 7 dnevi
To brazil
Malvin Djunaedi
Malvin Djunaedi Pred 8 dnevi
The guy with a gun can vent ok socksFor1
Just some random anime fan 1
That image of Blaza’s face is as real as Memegods medical degree
caleb dickson
caleb dickson Pred 8 dnevi
The scintillating baritone counterintuitively license because sweater technically level unlike a two belt. common, tart olive
Dukka Dukkah
Dukka Dukkah Pred 8 dnevi
Sarah Kowalczyk
Sarah Kowalczyk Pred 8 dnevi
Noone: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Socks to everyone: DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THE DARK SIIIIIIIIDE
Roland Piotrowski
Roland Piotrowski Pred 8 dnevi
How did Laff vent?!
FireRaptor XD
FireRaptor XD Pred 8 dnevi
1:59 quem nós convoca?
Salomir Ciprian
Salomir Ciprian Pred 8 dnevi
I Love Star Wars !!!
Robert Ringler
Robert Ringler Pred 8 dnevi
THe Skeld lightsaber massacre
Eyad Taher
Eyad Taher Pred 9 dnevi
5:52 5 dead people
Amare Singleton
Amare Singleton Pred 9 dnevi
Anikan i. Have the high ground
Rob Harvey
Rob Harvey Pred 9 dnevi
I will join the dark side
Powergirl Playz
Powergirl Playz Pred 9 dnevi
I am so so so confused and here is why in the first round dino was one of the impostors right? because laff killed dino so when laff was framed we saw a the end it was joocie who was acually the other impostor right but this is what is confusing me when "laff" closed the doors on nadwe and socks joocie was right there and dino was dead so dino couldn't have turned into joocie. so who was disguised as laff? please i need help I don't know what happened. so confused
Ethan Jace Abad
Ethan Jace Abad Pred 9 dnevi
Jedi? More like The Sith
donny ly
donny ly Pred 9 dnevi
The swift rooster connolly boil because tenor specially curl absent a courageous advertisement. hysterical, giant bonsai
Zachary Pierson
Zachary Pierson Pred 10 dnevi
what about lightsaber but 100 player
Demetrius Frye
Demetrius Frye Pred 10 dnevi
are these videos scripted?
Captain Adam
Captain Adam Pred 10 dnevi
5:50 low budget rogue one hallway scene
Colson Bell
Colson Bell Pred 10 dnevi
What the heck man
gaurav sharma
gaurav sharma Pred 10 dnevi
mod idea: when the imposter kills everyone the crewmates win, when the crewmates finish their tasks the imposter wins
Kael Burger
Kael Burger Pred 11 dnevi
But I was just wondering
Kael Burger
Kael Burger Pred 11 dnevi
I know it might be rude
Kael Burger
Kael Burger Pred 11 dnevi
Question what accent does Dino have
Pineapple God
Pineapple God Pred 11 dnevi
Socks: I said WHY ARE YOU RUNNING! Meme: hehe, I’m in danger
Pineapple God
Pineapple God Pred 11 dnevi
Wait I am confused how did Ladd vent???
icebear Pred 11 dnevi
kaden k
kaden k Pred 11 dnevi
I Like how socks said the dark side has cool lightsabers. How did anyone not notice that.
Myrem Arenaza
Myrem Arenaza Pred 12 dnevi
7:05 tbh WHY
ItzSaturn Pred 12 dnevi
im actually brazilian lol
StillAPeach Pred 12 dnevi
8:16 Blaza no.
Mic Plays
Mic Plays Pred 12 dnevi
Can some one tell me how laff vented
brug Pred 12 dnevi
Im late Oh no no
Blythe Gaissert
Blythe Gaissert Pred 13 dnevi
Wait I saw laff vent definitely can the imposter transform if so he transformed into laff
Antony Rui Kal-El Domingo
If I played that gamemode I would vote out TBH/red first cause he has a red lightsaber
Macy Cornejo
Macy Cornejo Pred 13 dnevi
2:41 I felt bad for Laff because I love his voice!!!!!
Jia Liu
Jia Liu Pred 13 dnevi
The thumbnail makes me want to say lol Luke I’m you dad
Cat5 Pred 14 dnevi
second round 7:11 secs
Zyon Holm
Zyon Holm Pred 14 dnevi
How do you get these mods
Catherine Essinger
Catherine Essinger Pred 14 dnevi
MEMEGOD: ITS OVER SOCKS, I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND socks: YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER memegod: dont try it socks: reveals a quarter of memegods face
Anderson Cool
Anderson Cool Pred 15 dnevi
I like fall guys I I hate among us I love Jedi’s though
Sabrina Hodge
Sabrina Hodge Pred 15 dnevi
The fantastic overcoat cephalometrically breathe because uncle conceptually groan onto a bright game. jittery, dynamic illegal
Garcia Jason
Garcia Jason Pred 15 dnevi
I like among Minecraft super mario art is Trevor Henderson monster
mem811 Pred 15 dnevi
socks do you want to join the Darkside blaza The dark side where is it socks Brazil I mean the Darkside of the force that was the funny part
SNF Toni
SNF Toni Pred 16 dnevi
Just love how they was just watching a movie when socks killed meme
Matt Plaz
Matt Plaz Pred 16 dnevi
Drip Goku
Drip Goku Pred 16 dnevi
I am your father socks
MR Bouchet
MR Bouchet Pred 16 dnevi
How did laff get framed
Joel Lewis
Joel Lewis Pred 16 dnevi
Please just post a photo of blaza because I’m not allowed instagram
Ice Boy
Ice Boy Pred 17 dnevi
laff were you hacking? as sheriff?
rainbowsteve PE9
rainbowsteve PE9 Pred 17 dnevi
SOCKS I AM YOUR *memegod*
Stop motion studs And reviews
5:58 the slaying of the younglings
The Author
The Author Pred 18 dnevi
6:21 This is probably why Socks killed Wiktoria.
Akmal Aniq 2
Akmal Aniq 2 Pred 12 dnevi
No he did'nt
Jesslyn Chouza
Jesslyn Chouza Pred 18 dnevi
you under estamate my power D DD D D make more memes of that
Mehm He
Mehm He Pred 18 dnevi
How did Laff vent
Sarah Bauerek
Sarah Bauerek Pred 19 dnevi
Samuel Yeh
Samuel Yeh Pred 19 dnevi
I'm still confused about the laff and sheriff thing
Michael Choi
Michael Choi Pred 19 dnevi
anyone know how jooice transformed into laff
Graham Potter
Graham Potter Pred 19 dnevi
i looooooooooooooooooooove those animtions
Logan Dokken
Logan Dokken Pred 19 dnevi
wow look at his face!!1 :O
QwQ Gamerxd
QwQ Gamerxd Pred 19 dnevi
Wheres the dark side? BRAZIL? -Blaza 2021
Jack O'Neill
Jack O'Neill Pred 19 dnevi
It’s over socksfor1, I have the high ground You underestimate my mods
bro 13579
bro 13579 Pred 20 dnevi
hey bro i am watching you in my zoom cus im bored
Cubing and Art
Cubing and Art Pred 20 dnevi
me a Star Wars fan: this is where the fan begins”
Ming Chang Gamer
Ming Chang Gamer Pred 20 dnevi
DANIEL MANUEL Pred 20 dnevi
yolo cebatinounominarotou
1:47 normal human vs jedi, human win, jedi lose lel
yolo cebatinounominarotou
Impostor round? More like... DARK SIDE ROUND
Jake Fischmann
Jake Fischmann Pred 20 dnevi
how do you get mods
Jake Fischmann
Jake Fischmann Pred 20 dnevi
I am your biggest van
RuebenCraft Pred 20 dnevi
how do u make among us mods like this?
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