among us but WE CAN ALL ICE SKATE (mods) 

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among us new modded thing that allows us to ice skate
Cosmetics made @AcronMD on twitter
Join MC Server → SOCKS.GG
Reddit → bit.ly/3apoz3C
Discord → bit.ly/3aoc08U
Twitter → bit.ly/2MrebAu
Insta → bit.ly/2MRg4WP
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Music → bit.ly/3edT2Sc​ (Kevin MacLeod)
→ bit.ly/3kdvbVY​ (Epidemic)
Outro → bit.ly/2DoKefp

Email → nicholas@socksfor1.com

Family Friendly PG Clean 13+




9. feb. 2021

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Socksfor1 Pred 18 dnevi
live event now! www.twitch.tv/socksfor1
mohamed mahadi
mohamed mahadi Pred 12 dnevi
I'm to late :(
lego jurassic
lego jurassic Pred 12 dnevi
My god blaza can you please teach me your coin trick.
Not C10
Not C10 Pred 15 dnevi
No and ur late for the Friday smp
Deer Leafy
Deer Leafy Pred 16 dnevi
@Edi Cartofel stop being rude god
The hamster stalking you
Among us but the imposter is a hacker
Cristina Stanciu
Cristina Stanciu Pred 2 urami
one time......the coine lies
Solar Rich
Solar Rich Pred 4 urami
Monika is my girl tho
DestroyerX Boi
DestroyerX Boi Pred 6 urami
In this vid: The golden coin never lies Latest vid: the coin lies
Lukas Pred 14 urami
Idea: there are two impostor teams that win seperately, can kill each other and don't know who the other impostors are.
WEDO CEBU Pred 21 uro
Blue haired anime Cat girl
I will be honest Nadwe your flirting skills are 8/10
Rocko Blocko
Rocko Blocko Pred dnevom
I literally just noticed that in the ending song it says "SOOOOOCKS FOR OOONEEE HE'S A SPCEMAN!" Now I feel kinda dum...
Gacha you nose tv
Gacha you nose tv Pred dnevom
Please tell me that song at the beginning
luke mundorf
luke mundorf Pred 3 dnevi
Yo! Nadwe is the champion!! Such sick plays.
Jasper Lim
Jasper Lim Pred 3 dnevi
A random Nobody
A random Nobody Pred 4 dnevi
Let's start a sockilegon about the coin
Ashley Schmelzer
Ashley Schmelzer Pred 6 dnevi
What happened to sheriff
Halo Master
Halo Master Pred 6 dnevi
Nobody : Blaza inhales I HAVE ONE GOLDEN COIN
Nicolette Ann
Nicolette Ann Pred 6 dnevi
:/ .-.
Avisha Torres
Avisha Torres Pred 7 dnevi
Its cool at polus
Harold Briggs
Harold Briggs Pred 7 dnevi
I shreck imposter
The Duk Plays
The Duk Plays Pred 8 dnevi
FSB Birthday
FSB Birthday Pred 8 dnevi
Me watching for 2 years no skin Also me, goes away for a day on holiday he gets his own skin
pink rate
pink rate Pred 8 dnevi
why is funneh there 7:07
da boyben
da boyben Pred 8 dnevi
Literally 99% won't see this but God bless u stay safe I'm struggling to get 1k with notis ❤️
da boyben
da boyben Pred 8 dnevi
Literally 99% won't see this but God bless u stay safe I'm struggling to get 1k with notis
Govi Blast
Govi Blast Pred 8 dnevi
I knew jt was joocie tbe whole time j saw him move
Zamination 3
Zamination 3 Pred 8 dnevi
Did some turn off the lights because I’m having a breakdown
Kid Adventures
Kid Adventures Pred 9 dnevi
Why is Blaza’s golden coin a Colombian peso
Angel Sandoval
Angel Sandoval Pred 9 dnevi
Hope memes medical degree don’t get stolen
Joy Thinn
Joy Thinn Pred 9 dnevi
wow eee 5:54
Joy Thinn
Joy Thinn Pred 9 dnevi
when blaza is like no but then dose a small laff 5:17
/_- Mr.Nobody
/_- Mr.Nobody Pred 9 dnevi
Why not snow ball mode that can slow down a crew mate if ur an imposter so ya pls do what I say sockiboy
Birds Lover
Birds Lover Pred 9 dnevi
5:47 more like a mental breakdown
This is mazhar
This is mazhar Pred 9 dnevi
lol his hat going to drop
Sir Pancake
Sir Pancake Pred 9 dnevi
Is no one gonna talk about joocies pick up line
The flashy millimeter conservatively strip because silver macropharmacologically rely beneath a shut kick. halting, best oven
Drinx Pred 10 dnevi
Bruh this pickup line will never get old "Girl u smell sniff sniff sniff u smell like trash so can I take u out?" 🤣🤣🤣 11:51
Rishan Mandal
Rishan Mandal Pred 10 dnevi
ZMDE when impostor:- LET'S GOOOOO Socks when impostor:- Well, well, well.
Jimbo Man
Jimbo Man Pred 10 dnevi
1:00 uh socks I think u edited this part wrong
Wilmer Calle
Wilmer Calle Pred 10 dnevi
Nadwe I got you my boy I got some pick up lines for you
haven bracken
haven bracken Pred 10 dnevi
More snow I’ll ever get I have snow everywhere
ZenDragon Pred 10 dnevi
No one: Socks every video: at the end I pull up a PeRfEcT ImPoStEr rUn
Suryansh Agrawal
Suryansh Agrawal Pred 10 dnevi
What people think teens do at school: study What teens do at school: 0:04
Victoria Pred 11 dnevi
ShadoBear Pred 11 dnevi
This mod is technically the same if you put the speed on max w'all there's no mods on! 😂😂😂😂
Mcdj Studios
Mcdj Studios Pred 11 dnevi
When Nadwe said Monika, i immediately knew he was talking about DDLC lmao, tho it's a really fun game :> *whispers* But Sayori's my waifu -v-
DemonSkylar Pred 11 dnevi
Umm hey socks if u see this you did say you need a girl your among us group at 4:57 and maybe I can be this girl 😂✋🏻💕
Ryan The Hedgehog
Ryan The Hedgehog Pred 11 dnevi
Leah BubbleGum
Leah BubbleGum Pred 11 dnevi
here is a idea, among us but its overwatch, so everyone has there own special abities based on their character, but you dont know which character your going to get
mohamed mahadi
mohamed mahadi Pred 12 dnevi
Ice skate
Owen Pred 12 dnevi
Bruh Nadwe on polus though
Natalie Kinzel
Natalie Kinzel Pred 12 dnevi
You should do when the imposters die they can creat a clone
MemeLixie Pred 12 dnevi
hI iM sOcKs FoR 3
Kyloluma Pred 12 dnevi
Blaza and his Golden Coin is the best relationship in this. Socks: Next round get out your golden coin. Blaza: Oh I will and I am not afraid to use it
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee Pred 13 dnevi
🦗S🦒 🦗o🦒 🦗c🦒 🦗k🦒 🦗s🦗
Tem Flakes :3
Tem Flakes :3 Pred 13 dnevi
Socks knows DDLC 😳
Kenzo Bobenzo
Kenzo Bobenzo Pred 13 dnevi
Can I join?
TBVG 2 Pred 13 dnevi
2:23 are we just gonna ignore the fact that Dino's hat is just soooo cute
YT.HappyCat Pred 13 dnevi
Hey socks here is a pickup line for nadwae, that my gf used on me Are you a horse because I want to ride you all night. Yea ik she kinda fiesty sometimes.
Feng The Gamer
Feng The Gamer Pred 13 dnevi
Please bring back The Modded Hardcore Series I miss the series
ENDofL1N3 Pred 13 dnevi
That bit sus jooice
Solute Services Housekeeping Recuitment Service
Nadwe has good flirting skills but your not gonna a girlfriend because he has a Wifu with is makto
Darrien Pred 13 dnevi
among us sucks
david power
david power Pred 13 dnevi
2:00 imposter is jooice
Simpa Dank
Simpa Dank Pred 13 dnevi
i think TBH is russian
EggJellyPleb Pred 13 dnevi
7:07 Me: OMG Funneh is in the pic!
Juan Chapa
Juan Chapa Pred 13 dnevi
Bro Nadwe clutched up as imposter in second to last game.
Wagey Dogey
Wagey Dogey Pred 13 dnevi
the slip and slide
Keke Campbell
Keke Campbell Pred 13 dnevi
5:21 No one talk about jooice
Depressed Shooting Star
Am I the only one who saw Juice stack kill in the first game?
RUSHAY GAMER Pred 14 dnevi
nadwae with the boss move
Kelly Chan
Kelly Chan Pred 14 dnevi
Ahh yes..Monika
SCP_ 463
SCP_ 463 Pred 14 dnevi
ngl Joocie kinda sus
Jackson Alba
Jackson Alba Pred 14 dnevi
dr daikon
dr daikon Pred 14 dnevi
I’ve always wanted to play among us with the socks group, but I don’t have a pc 😭😭😭😭😭
dr daikon
dr daikon Pred 14 dnevi
It would legit be the best birthday present ever. (My birthday is actually tomorrow) 🥰
BlackFlex Pred 14 dnevi
I like the animation reaction of dino
Clover Gibson
Clover Gibson Pred 14 dnevi
Ahhh it's like how I'm about to slide into those dms
TaylorTJV Pred 14 dnevi
I am a woman I will gladly join you UwU
CrunchyFrog Pred 14 dnevi
3:48 Wait, Blaza has a Euro coin, does this mean he's European? Some how I thought most of them were American.
Sajtyka09 Pred 14 dnevi
Noah Johansson
Noah Johansson Pred 14 dnevi
In my area People park and drive cars on frozen lakes and rivers.
David Soto-Lancheros
David Soto-Lancheros Pred 14 dnevi
9:38-9:49 😂 10:58-11:22 Best play
Fabio Castelpietra
Fabio Castelpietra Pred 14 dnevi
At the end, Nadwe pulls off the perfect imposter run
TheBearyBears Pred 14 dnevi
Lol funny coincidence i kinda imagine what it would be like to play among us with you or go on SOCKSMP
Balakrishnan Priyadarsini
I had subscribed
Benyo Rob
Benyo Rob Pred 14 dnevi
You are a very good modder, socks? the best mod is still the doctor
wolfy Pred 15 dnevi
Oof for me im on xbox
Mehm He
Mehm He Pred 15 dnevi
Alternative title:some men and a 14 years old weirdo trying to pick a girl
William Murray
William Murray Pred 15 dnevi
You forgot the dictator
Louis Franco De Pedro
Louis Franco De Pedro Pred 15 dnevi
Tbhhonest looks like Mr crabs
Doro Pred 15 dnevi
Im applying for the Job of being the Woman in your Games :) dm me on insta @doorohn lol
John Patrick Robles
John Patrick Robles Pred 15 dnevi
These mods are cool
NovaIce Pred 15 dnevi
where mod downlod?
LP_ Blitzy
LP_ Blitzy Pred 15 dnevi
Fun fact the coin that was edited there was actually 10 pesos (PHP money)
Balloon-The among us player
You should add that if someone falls while skating he die
Ciang Sianhuai
Ciang Sianhuai Pred 15 dnevi
Where is memes of
The legendary Hunter
The legendary Hunter Pred 15 dnevi
Socks in ur intro u messed it a up... ur supposed to say “at the end of the video I pulled off a perfect imposter skate” *dabs* ye dab on dem haters dab dab on dem haters
4ChoccyMilks Pred 15 dnevi
Blue flames
Blue flames Pred 15 dnevi
Game idle everyone can vent and no one knows who is who
Benjamin Ducrocq
Benjamin Ducrocq Pred 15 dnevi
Legend never lieeeeeeeiaaa he become any stronger nananananaaaaaanaanaaaa
Toccara Lybrand
Toccara Lybrand Pred 15 dnevi
Nadwe: are you gravel? Because I'm falling for u Me again first: I will kill you nadwe for how cringe that was Me later: ArE YoU GrAvel BeCaUeSe I'm sUfFiCaTiNg
christakpan Pred 15 dnevi
7:24 itblaza there’s no crewmate just mayor sherif deceive doctor all that yada it u for suee
christakpan Pred 15 dnevi
Oops not suee I meant to tap sure
Frost X
Frost X Pred 15 dnevi
All of these comments are simp comments lmao
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