Subnautica but every 30 seconds a REAPER SPAWNS (mods) 

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subnautica but every 30 seconds a reaper spawns
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today, I play subnautica with blaza but every 30 seconds a reaper spawns like a ghost Levithan or a sea dragon. This is from my 24 hour subnautica series and even after downloading every single mod.




29. jan. 2021

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Socksfor1 Pred 29 dnevi
we should get fatmemegod to play this game
Grayson Weaver
Grayson Weaver Pred 3 dnevi
Tempest. Pred 29 dnevi
Chase Catapang
Chase Catapang Pred 29 dnevi
Isaac Mouawad
Isaac Mouawad Pred 29 dnevi
yes yes yes pls and blaza
Game Legend
Game Legend Pred 29 dnevi
Mihael Krklec
Mihael Krklec Pred dnevom
Blaza: Rick and Morty here we come!
Byron Reynolds
Byron Reynolds Pred 2 dnevi
turn subnautica into a horror game
Epic Toby
Epic Toby Pred 3 dnevi
Do subnautica but Gargantuan leviathan mod... It's not released yet tho so wait till its out.
hli lee
hli lee Pred 3 dnevi
It looks like it's a cool game I think I should buy it 😃😃😃😃😃
king seven
king seven Pred 3 dnevi
Pleas play no man's sky
Dahar Master
Dahar Master Pred 3 dnevi
Was that a mattyc mr demba c ELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO I heard?
Gold Creeper
Gold Creeper Pred 4 dnevi
He said only reapers not sea emporer ghost and sea dragon
Emer Gaffney
Emer Gaffney Pred 5 dnevi
Me plays subnautica for first time oh this isn't so bad me in the void an hour later not at the chair anymore pooping myself
Franksterman Pred 6 dnevi
Entering the the portal in 3 2 1 Video plays an ad Did he enter an ad portal!?
Herologan 295
Herologan 295 Pred 6 dnevi
Hey socks could you list all the mods you used in your modded lets play.
kylejmick 7705
kylejmick 7705 Pred 7 dnevi
kylejmick 7705
kylejmick 7705 Pred 7 dnevi
Read it
Man man fnaf man
Man man fnaf man Pred 8 dnevi
Detecting multiple leviathan class life forms in this regon are you Serton whatever your doing is worth it ?
Evil Me
Evil Me Pred 8 dnevi
play subnatica below zero
Major Creepers
Major Creepers Pred 10 dnevi
can you do a building base video
Lin PanD
Lin PanD Pred 10 dnevi
um they are leviathans but ok XD
Herologan 295
Herologan 295 Pred 12 dnevi
Imagine this but with the modpack that retextures everything. 200,000 Sherks, Ricks, and Bowsers all chasing you, and 200,000 more on the way.
Will Deigan
Will Deigan Pred 13 dnevi
Nooooooooooooooo not the laser sub nooooooooooooooooooooo
Will Deigan
Will Deigan Pred 13 dnevi
Yay mare sub!
Herologan 295
Herologan 295 Pred 14 dnevi
Am I the only one who noticed the can of Flex tape behind socks
Rocket Airsoft
Rocket Airsoft Pred 15 dnevi
Rachael Monaco
Rachael Monaco Pred 15 dnevi
Poor fish
pheliox Pred 16 dnevi
there is a 2 player mod
RosieCola Fnaf
RosieCola Fnaf Pred 16 dnevi
My BFF: do u like wearing socks? Me: nope! BFF: do u like socks in general? Me: I don't like socks but I love socks My BFF: ?????? Me: Socksfor1 the youtuber, idiot BFF: OHHHHH!!
Nathan Schmit
Nathan Schmit Pred 17 dnevi
Reapers are fast and can immobilize you while ghost leviathans and sea dragon leviathans can easily be escape from. Reapers are by far the most dangerous.
ChocolatePorter Pred 17 dnevi
Me: "Ah lets see what's over here" *three reapers show up* Also me: "Uhhh I think I left my oven on ill brb guys"
Simply Wyatt
Simply Wyatt Pred 18 dnevi
Terraria And Gacha Trinidad
I know this is crazy and all but can we talk about tne saddest part... Socks said ferwell to the cutest cuddlefish.
kingdom of Italy At War.
3:45 *-French Soldier At Dunkirk 1940 Circa*
Dark io King
Dark io King Pred 20 dnevi
Socks is the best
Tyjl34 Pred 21 dnevom
Suggestion: Multiplayer mod with blaze and crazy modpack
finley schraw
finley schraw Pred 21 dnevom
Can you make another episode of this I really liked it keep it up
Vaping Cat Cult Preist
Vaping Cat Cult Preist Pred 21 dnevom
Maybe you should try the multiplayer mod
Timothy Luxton
Timothy Luxton Pred 21 dnevom
Socks but meme in subnatice but have a mod where the sea empoer kills you and if he eats a pepper or bladder fish every fish will kill him
Gecko Gaming
Gecko Gaming Pred 22 dnevi
Why is socks running from the passive Emperor Leviathan?
ok k
ok k Pred 22 dnevi
play bellow zero
Jordan Gardner
Jordan Gardner Pred 22 dnevi
The daily hedge adversely match because underwear endosonographically amuse underneath a rigid expert. ajar, striped bladder
Raeza12 _
Raeza12 _ Pred 23 dnevi
Socks should get the multiplayer mod
Nara Pred 24 dnevi
This is the leviethans i know in this game and their depth levels : Reaper leviethan : surface or deeper Ghost leviethan : the void / lost river ( 400-500m below surface) Sea dragon leviethan : lava zone ( 900-1000m below surface) Sea emperor leviethan : alien base at lava zone ( 1000-1040m below surface) Viechles to go to their place : Reaper leviethan : cyclops, seamoth, prawn suit Ghost leviethan : cyclops,seamoth, prawn suit Sea dragon leviethan : cyclops, prawn suit Sea emperor leviethan : gate of alien base : cyclops. Inside of the alien base : prawnsuit
Michael Rosila
Michael Rosila Pred 24 dnevi
Just keep swimming just keep swimming
Jose Vergara Figueroa
Jose Vergara Figueroa Pred 24 dnevi
you should download the multiplayer mod and play with fatmemegod and blaza
Lyrick Manthei
Lyrick Manthei Pred 24 dnevi
How many subs can i get from this comment? current:5 no judging
Caeleb Car
Caeleb Car Pred 24 dnevi
You should Play more Subnautica it’s really cool
Luke Lewis
Luke Lewis Pred 24 dnevi
Socks you should play subnautica below zero
Mizukami Rokuro
Mizukami Rokuro Pred 24 dnevi
You should play subnautica below zero
Insignus Gaming
Insignus Gaming Pred 24 dnevi
When you ask for the reaper but get the sea dragon and ghost
topvrgaming 6
topvrgaming 6 Pred 25 dnevi
kuga kid
kuga kid Pred 25 dnevi
Play subnautica below zero
W.D. gaster
W.D. gaster Pred 25 dnevi
swiataleksa Pred 25 dnevi
Pls do more Subnatica Im beging you! :(
Lukas Daye
Lukas Daye Pred 25 dnevi
Durpy Dilo
Durpy Dilo Pred 25 dnevi
Socknatica: Endgame, The greatest crossover in history
illia linetcky
illia linetcky Pred 19 dnevi
Kamo Is ded
Kamo Is ded Pred 22 dnevi
Kingly of Demons
Kingly of Demons Pred 26 dnevi
Fish:goodbye sock in dlc;)
Ked Pred 26 dnevi
Socks:I have 2 subs... Me: No you have like 3.29 million
Matthew douglas
Matthew douglas Pred 26 dnevi
socks is just ruining my favirrote game he calls sead dragon reaper levithan hes so anyoinga
Mykel Jones
Mykel Jones Pred 26 dnevi
(Socks when he sees reapers): me when I see homework
Jaden Persyko-Chudis
Jaden Persyko-Chudis Pred 26 dnevi
oof u o
Ronny Malaihollo
Ronny Malaihollo Pred 26 dnevi
The it sound when socks talks about the reapers I get to scared whenever that it sound comes up
Jeanice Smothers
Jeanice Smothers Pred 26 dnevi
The regular colt collectively matter because trial summarily reflect as a poised dew. shrill, imperfect processing
Ethan Madison
Ethan Madison Pred 26 dnevi
Yes lol
Savage foox
Savage foox Pred 26 dnevi
Socks saying they want the sandwiches me with I sandwich
Gabriel Andal
Gabriel Andal Pred 26 dnevi
I'm not laughing at Socks and Blaza suffering, I'm laughing at Sans in the background staring at Socks suffering.
VelcrowYT Pred 26 dnevi
Onyx Hurtz
Onyx Hurtz Pred 26 dnevi
every time he does a face cam I'm always focused on his ear buds
SirSalty The1st
SirSalty The1st Pred 26 dnevi
Finally! It’s good to see subnauticas back
rolly the prince- also ruler of almost anything
4:40 Socks: NEATHER PORTAL ..... Ad shows up
sri vatsA
sri vatsA Pred 26 dnevi
socks for 1 you should try out Subnautica blow zero
CoolPengi ,
CoolPengi , Pred 26 dnevi
Can you do a 24 hours subnautica below zero
Nickaloo Mowles
Nickaloo Mowles Pred 26 dnevi
Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even the monster breathing down my neck as I stare at this comment and wonder why I made it: Every actual subanutica player: *Confused screaming intensifies*
Timothy Luxton
Timothy Luxton Pred 21 dnevom
I’m sacred of everything at nihht
Carmen Lee
Carmen Lee Pred 27 dnevi
Why does blaza look like Gordon Ramsay but a little bit different
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez Pred 27 dnevi
Multiplayer mod👀
jonathan quirante
jonathan quirante Pred 27 dnevi
(coffin dance music play from a far)
Talon Argy
Talon Argy Pred 27 dnevi
1:40 i have two subs. Me: no u have 3.30 mil
ZazaGaming Pred 27 dnevi
GamerSheep8301 Pred 27 dnevi
there is an new subnautica called subnautica below zero you should do another 24 hour but that instead
Sean Mawson
Sean Mawson Pred 27 dnevi
socks: ground leviathan me: fish snake leviathan.
AshGreninja9000 Pred 27 dnevi
Alt Title: How To Break Your Computer 101
Milk Man45
Milk Man45 Pred 27 dnevi
Yo reaper got that fire flower
Dylan Azcona
Dylan Azcona Pred 27 dnevi
The torpedo homes to a target and get the defense perimeter thing so when a reaper grabs u use that and it will detach.
A ghost Leviathan
A ghost Leviathan Pred 27 dnevi
Who screams louder, the leviathans or socks
Michail Tarver
Michail Tarver Pred 27 dnevi
Socks trolling meme with dirt that gave him was the strongest thing in minecraft
Copper_Phoenix Pred 27 dnevi
Pin me plz O r n I t I f not I w I l l I ill
wisp fan
wisp fan Pred 27 dnevi
Blaza said there tree more
Tawny Olaniyan
Tawny Olaniyan Pred 27 dnevi
They ain't all reapers btw
Cupcake Pred 27 dnevi
"ABANDON SHIP!!!" said socks while having a protection power up on "Ghost" in slot 6
Jaden Nguyen
Jaden Nguyen Pred 27 dnevi
I like subnautica
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer Pred 27 dnevi
play below zero
Christopher Sloan
Christopher Sloan Pred 27 dnevi
We need a continuation of this
Doug Roffel
Doug Roffel Pred 27 dnevi
Subnautica but we are pro gamers
Karen Mata
Karen Mata Pred 27 dnevi
“STOP PRESSING BUTTONS AND START PRESSING BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!” -Blaza 2021. Btw, you should go live and play, ummm... something.😐
Darksay83 Pred 27 dnevi
famous last words
Jean Evil223
Jean Evil223 Pred 27 dnevi
Use the 2-players mod
fuzzywuzzyuwu _
fuzzywuzzyuwu _ Pred 27 dnevi
Subnautica but ur teleported every 10 minutes
lego jurassic
lego jurassic Pred 27 dnevi
And that fish was never seen again
Happykid31 Pred 27 dnevi
Ur insane
Natan Wawrzola
Natan Wawrzola Pred 27 dnevi
4:46 Oh lAwD hE cOmIn'
bread Pred 27 dnevi
Hey, I suggest you get Blaze or memegod to buy subnautica, and see what you can do on both of you installing Nitrox. (Not compatible with mods.) It's a multiplayer launcher for subnautica. You can play with your friends! ITs a bit complicated, but I hope you can figure this out.
Patrik Vuksanovic
Patrik Vuksanovic Pred 27 dnevi
ITZMENUGGET Pred 27 dnevi
Do more regular letsplayz of this game like ur 24 hours one no mods
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