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15. jan. 2021

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Eric Mason
Eric Mason Pred 6 urami
Why you change Bro
Clifford Villasenor
Clifford Villasenor Pred 8 urami
Whay about make a minecraft seiries but u dont put alot of mods in
Noah Tembras
Noah Tembras Pred dnevom
Socks, if Memegod did your surgery, then I don’t think you’ll last a year. No offense Meme.
Landen Long Hill
Landen Long Hill Pred dnevom
auro1100 auro1100
auro1100 auro1100 Pred 2 dnevi
Dude, does Meme even really HVE a medical degree? Just asking
Allan Nevarez
Allan Nevarez Pred 3 dnevi
Slabz Plays
Slabz Plays Pred 4 dnevi
Meme E: Ye I was his doctor Socks: WTF ARE YOU SHOVING A FLU SHOT UP ME NOSE!? Meme E: 😎 Deal wid it😎
Call of duty Mobile
Call of duty Mobile Pred 5 dnevi
Your sure memegod
Vishesh Kushwaha
Vishesh Kushwaha Pred 6 dnevi
Oh no fatmemegod was your doctor huh
Wentao Cheng
Wentao Cheng Pred 7 dnevi
V01D Gaming and Creations
fans: PANIK fans: he has doctor calm fans: find out meme is doctor scream ARGHHHH!!!!
Jasper Cable
Jasper Cable Pred 10 dnevi
Honestly I really don’t care if the 2000 days series is actually on the largest mod pack maybe you could remove some mods to help the crashing problem that’s what helped me with my Minecraft worlds
Broke ASMR
Broke ASMR Pred 10 dnevi
haha meme
adademirgamertv Pred 11 dnevi
İ was his doctor Me:MOOOM can i have my rocket launcher
adademirgamertv Pred 11 dnevi
Fat meme god:
adademirgamertv Pred 11 dnevi
The World is doomed
SELINA CHANG Pred 11 dnevi
Everyone: PANIK!!!! Meme: It's ok, I was his doctor Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (P.S. Can you play The Henry Stickmin Collection)
Blue Bus Dave
Blue Bus Dave Pred 13 dnevi
Where is 2000 day is to the Minecraft series because it hit the Lego
Hi Lol
Hi Lol Pred 13 dnevi
Replying to FatMemeGod if I could. You sure it was ok
Omega soul slayer
Omega soul slayer Pred 13 dnevi
You deserve this
Omega soul slayer
Omega soul slayer Pred 13 dnevi
Una Berbo
Una Berbo Pred 14 dnevi
Amos Obet
Amos Obet Pred 15 dnevi
Hope you feel better
Finlay Todd
Finlay Todd Pred 15 dnevi
I just want to say socks is very funny
Jakey 554
Jakey 554 Pred 15 dnevi
Oh no at least he’s alive I hope they change the doctor because if it was meme The hen I feel like it would’ve been 100 times worse
Andreah Mateta
Andreah Mateta Pred 15 dnevi
was the other guy Preston
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Pred 15 dnevi
Baby you’re Beautiful no matter what you say
Pupper6574 Pred 15 dnevi
reece stephenson
reece stephenson Pred 16 dnevi
i just broke my rist
reece stephenson
reece stephenson Pred 16 dnevi
meme can U be my doctor
reece stephenson
reece stephenson Pred 16 dnevi
i have a metal plate in my arm and leg...
Lian Boih
Lian Boih Pred 16 dnevi
Sock you are a pro to handle such pain
Alexis Pred 16 dnevi
awww nooo he looked awesome the way he was
ReflectiveCarlos Pred 16 dnevi
Please make 3k days, ;(
ReflectiveCarlos Pred 16 dnevi
Dumbandfurious Gamer
Dumbandfurious Gamer Pred 17 dnevi
Like ur vids but now your just wearing somebody’s else’s face now
ilikeEggZ 218
ilikeEggZ 218 Pred 17 dnevi
Ok loser
Waa Pqan
Waa Pqan Pred 16 dnevi
Stfu Kid
YUM Pred 18 dnevi
The fact he had clarify that he wasn't a girl BRUH
AXl BigT
AXl BigT Pred 18 dnevi
lily duhart
lily duhart Pred 18 dnevi
HowToMinecraft Pred 18 dnevi
Minecraft hardcore or survival with one of the most hardest most impossible mod you can find
Henrique Costa
Henrique Costa Pred 18 dnevi
Brittany Castel
Brittany Castel Pred 19 dnevi
Shagufta Hussain
Shagufta Hussain Pred 19 dnevi
I had plastic surgery when I was 3
Shagufta Hussain
Shagufta Hussain Pred 19 dnevi
Your a bad doctor meme
Nympha Campos
Nympha Campos Pred 20 dnevi
Socks's last words: "i guess I''ll catch you guys later o-"
Jamie Huff
Jamie Huff Pred 16 dnevi
@HassaanLazar YT well, life is both fair and unfair because it depends and what situation you're in and you don't always get what you want
HassaanLazar YT
HassaanLazar YT Pred 16 dnevi
How is it unfair
Jamie Huff
Jamie Huff Pred 16 dnevi
@HassaanLazar YT life is verrry unfair. Find out yourself and don't take the word God too seriously
HassaanLazar YT
HassaanLazar YT Pred 20 dnevi
He should have shame Him: Trying to look for attractive and doesn’t appreciate how he looks! Life is not unfair! Nobody is not strong enough to be a god! God is the most powerful and the most merciful!
Nympha Campos
Nympha Campos Pred 20 dnevi
Socks: I'll make this as short as possible Video: 7 Minutes long
GOD TITAN Pred 20 dnevi
Socks: is in hospital 171k people: panik
Juan Carlin
Juan Carlin Pred 20 dnevi
Hello nemegid
Jeu Gonzales
Jeu Gonzales Pred 21 dnevom
Idiot memegod socks is not good it is pain
Crackbot Pred 21 dnevom
Caleb Burton
Caleb Burton Pred 21 dnevom
Caleb Burton
Caleb Burton Pred 21 dnevom
Mason Andrade
Mason Andrade Pred 21 dnevom
Hey you forgot your crown king
Hanson Wong
Hanson Wong Pred 21 dnevom
I just finished to wwtch the entire 1000 days series (yeah including the base review and the 1100 days)... I'm kinda sad that it's not coming back...... That's ok tho I understand the problems and that's fine that it's the decision, but may I suggest you to play it once a period and continue the stuff a bit so you can upload one video once a long period? I'll miss it and see how it progresses
Lora Clark
Lora Clark Pred 21 dnevom
So sad
Mladen Krstić
Mladen Krstić Pred 22 dnevi
I hate u because u did this.
yourkiller Pred 22 dnevi
3 weeks later your okay
Mason Lam
Mason Lam Pred 22 dnevi
Rip nose
Househopper Pred 22 dnevi
Jorian 13B
Jorian 13B Pred 23 dnevi
we are all with u man!
Bentley Hugeback
Bentley Hugeback Pred 23 dnevi
Not to bully you or anything but why your forehead so shiny?
mj_mip Solis
mj_mip Solis Pred 24 dnevi
Omg what happened your my only insperashon to play Minecraft 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn Pred 24 dnevi
Make a New hard-core world but with less mod packs
Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn Pred 24 dnevi
Toque de Gracia Diseño Interior
Another video of socks: calm He's nose: panik It wasn't bullying: calm MemeGod was hes doctor: panik
C20inover Pred 25 dnevi
Sign this petition by liking it for socks to make a modded Minecraft sever
Asher Gaming
Asher Gaming Pred 25 dnevi
Yo ok socks?i appreciate your appreciation for every thing...hope you feel better soon Man.😭😭❤️❤️get better soon.❤️❤️❤️🔜🔜😞😞🥳
Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch
Sir Cutie Plant Bxtch Pred 25 dnevi
Everynightxriot Pred 26 dnevi
Sry for the nose dude I haven't been on SLtv so idk u were hurt
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin Pred 26 dnevi
Stupid thing that ses words that I don't type in
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin Pred 26 dnevi
I forgot to delete meme say
Ashton Martin
Ashton Martin Pred 26 dnevi
Hi meme FatMemeGod
Justin Herald
Justin Herald Pred 26 dnevi
Garnar Pred 26 dnevi
2000 days is gone I understand
Kamen Rider Persona-hero
bruh Why
Logan Jake899
Logan Jake899 Pred 27 dnevi
Ok I feel horrible. The other day I commented something very nasty on a video because I thought he was ditching Minecraft for good and he is one of my favorite youtubers and I loved his Minecraft vids. I had no idea any of this was happening and I’m sorry
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis Pred 27 dnevi
Memegod U are a doctor?
Alex Flood
Alex Flood Pred 27 dnevi
What is a period
Smit7y Pred 27 dnevi
I'm not a among us youtuber, I'm bot a minecraft youtuber... you forgot to add I am a clout youtuber, I play what gets the most views :)
Clips of meme Oof
Clips of meme Oof Pred 27 dnevi
Oof oof oof oof I fell dead in side...
Alexander Murphy
Alexander Murphy Pred 27 dnevi
Yeh I don’t think fat memegod should be the doctor.
creeperz GAMER
creeperz GAMER Pred 27 dnevi
100 days in modded subnautica :D
The Kashmiri Minecraft veteran
Meme god :it’s ok I was his doctor Me:you mean “I was not his doctor”right?? Me from inside (panik)
Yulissa Beltran
Yulissa Beltran Pred 27 dnevi
this worries me cuz fatmemegod is not sertifid to be a doctor lol
Darckchewy15 Pred 28 dnevi
Ok do what your hart desiers
Kayla Franzotti Avalos
I hope dino doesn't watch this..
Rick_dat_boi Pred 28 dnevi
I still feel bad for his loss of his mother
Baigsahab baigsahab
Baigsahab baigsahab Pred 28 dnevi
Rip socks );
BoRin Hearts
BoRin Hearts Pred 28 dnevi
Socks: Dont panic it was worse (than more). Me: You say not to panic yousaid it was worse??? Now I think all of us are panicking 😖
BoRin Hearts
BoRin Hearts Pred 28 dnevi
Who disliked this vid must be very worried.
HarLow - هارلو
HarLow - هارلو Pred 29 dnevi
Where is mincraft
Willem Does Stuff
Willem Does Stuff Pred 29 dnevi
I trust your medical degree memegod
Aviette Buckley moskola
I love your channel! And also I’m glad that your nose isn’t bleeding so much anymore 😬. (Blood still creeps me out even though a few years ago I hade to prick my finger multiple times a day)
Springy Boi edits
Springy Boi edits Pred 29 dnevi
Poor socks
LOLZIRIX Pred 29 dnevi
its nice to hear socks talk about something other than gaming stuff get well soon socks
Boomers Zoomers
Boomers Zoomers Pred mesecem
Get the doctor mod he will be instantly ok.
octane -_- gamer boi
Big man socks
Ivan Juričić
Ivan Juričić Pred mesecem
Man you can breathe
Me Me
Me Me Pred mesecem
Omg are you ok? 😟
:/ Pred mesecem
Nice,since it makes you confident and happy that's great
Thamar Schell
Thamar Schell Pred mesecem
You are a bad doctor meme
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we BROKE this game (jackbox)