among us but the IMPOSTOR HAS A GUN (mods) 

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today we play among us but the impostor as an actual gun
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Friends in video
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today I play among us with my friends such as blazaplays and fatmemegod! however, we have downloaded an among us mod that gives the impostor a GUN! This results in some hilarious among us plays and crazy impostor IQ.




10. jan. 2021

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Socksfor1 Pred mesecem
among us with a rocket launcher
Gourav Ralh
Gourav Ralh Pred 8 dnevi
Dat dope
P Floz
P Floz Pred 8 dnevi
Songs for 20000000
Owen Hannon
Owen Hannon Pred 13 dnevi
I like socksfor123456789
Tyler Pred 14 dnevi
Putera Pelangi
Putera Pelangi Pred mesecem
FellSwap Papyrus
FellSwap Papyrus Pred dnevom
Among Us but Sudden Changes
Mr. Cupcake
Mr. Cupcake Pred dnevom
Tom Hotchkin
Tom Hotchkin Pred 2 dnevi
La’kia hicks
La’kia hicks Pred 4 dnevi
Who is the one that where’s the pants in the relationship socks 🧦 or meme god just a random question
Oscar Osoba
Oscar Osoba Pred 4 dnevi
There is an American among us.
Noah Longhibler
Noah Longhibler Pred 5 dnevi
Wait dosent the imposter already have a gun?
Rap Hard
Rap Hard Pred 5 dnevi
Veronica Cavin
Veronica Cavin Pred 6 dnevi
Sonic 777
Sonic 777 Pred 6 dnevi
how do i download the mod?
John Marston
John Marston Pred 6 dnevi
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Pred 6 dnevi
The title and thumb nail sais about an impostor having a gun but in some of the death scenes, the impostor already has a gun
Sony Harshika
Sony Harshika Pred 8 dnevi
When I saw the socks killing meme at first I felt bad but when I saw memes pov of this and how many times meme killed socks, I don't feel sorry no more lmfaoo
Aden Games
Aden Games Pred 8 dnevi
Sock: DIE MEME 10:48
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Pred 8 dnevi
Memegod: I don’t need you Socks Also Memegod : try’s to make out with socks
Squidilo Pred 8 dnevi
None of us excepted him to call meme a lil b!tch
Raylen Smith
Raylen Smith Pred 10 dnevi
Sebastian Rojas
Sebastian Rojas Pred 11 dnevi
I vote blaza is the best
Persik Basin
Persik Basin Pred 12 dnevi
Socks can you make is awailable to play? I would realy like to play it with my friends
Noob! Pred 12 dnevi
"Patrick that's a gun" -Spongebob
throned halo
throned halo Pred 12 dnevi
socks:this is a family friendly channel 2 secs later. yeah im talking to you little B
Victoria Milk
Victoria Milk Pred 12 dnevi
*Insert* *joker* *meme* *here*
we need more drip bro 😎😎
Rafa Ghaza
Rafa Ghaza Pred 12 dnevi
I love these love stories
Jake Monteza
Jake Monteza Pred 13 dnevi
Love your vids
adam_gamer pro x
adam_gamer pro x Pred 13 dnevi
1:35 its meme
sumayyah sahfuddin
sumayyah sahfuddin Pred 14 dnevi
Socks never do it,s guys fatmemegood was eject
Nathan Bridges
Nathan Bridges Pred 14 dnevi
dogegamer 2995
dogegamer 2995 Pred 15 dnevi
What’s that mod?
pikadog001 Pred 16 dnevi
Bro the gun in the thumbnail is a windicator I play a lot of arsenal
Jeff Wilensky
Jeff Wilensky Pred 17 dnevi
My favorite channel because of the drama
Jeff Wilensky
Jeff Wilensky Pred 17 dnevi
Yum banana candy like laughy taffy
AIDHAL Creation
AIDHAL Creation Pred 18 dnevi
how are you instaling this mod i try tyo search ingoogle but there is no content like that......pls sent the link for mod.......pls...who wantlink pls like
Gery Boda
Gery Boda Pred 19 dnevi
I ain’t safe until I have my trusty G U N
Nico Morales
Nico Morales Pred 19 dnevi
3:43 socks just swear
gamer 64 boy123
gamer 64 boy123 Pred 20 dnevi
1:25 jumpscare master
gamer 64 boy123
gamer 64 boy123 Pred 20 dnevi
1:19 meme siren
gamer 64 boy123
gamer 64 boy123 Pred 20 dnevi
Or a car
MrSpace Pred 20 dnevi
socks shooted blaza without gun he can shoot bullets with his fingers
Antony Rui Kal-El Domingo
Poor Socks, he was tortured by Meme for most of the video.
Solute Services Housekeeping Recuitment Service
0:09 are you gonna ignore the fact fatmemegod and socks where alone in the lobby
Gavin Rahr
Gavin Rahr Pred 23 dnevi
Among Us but- GUN
J Bang
J Bang Pred 23 dnevi
Socks: I’m being serious this was all just for fun Me: (confusion)
pop_user2 Pred 24 dnevi
Meme broke his heart many times, socks stabbed his hearts many times
Raylen Smith
Raylen Smith Pred 24 dnevi
Hey how about you guys make a golden pistol black and take out all the Crewmates at once
Krauthsalat Pred 26 dnevi
how can usual people get this mod?
Twizzstix Pred 26 dnevi
*Yeah I'm talking to you, little b**ch* I wasn't expecting that cause I've never heard him swear but that was hilarious
StillAPeach Pred 26 dnevi
The next game. Socks become human
StillAPeach Pred 26 dnevi
1:23 not cool
Zahira Floyd
Zahira Floyd Pred 26 dnevi
3:42 I thought this was a pg chanel
Marble Venturers
Marble Venturers Pred 27 dnevi
i want to play with you bro!
Valkyrie Pred 28 dnevi
i love how socks was just like, yeh im talking to you lil bitch
Treasure Plays
Treasure Plays Pred 28 dnevi
Hmmmmm at 2:35 TbhHonest kills blaza with the gun and then at 2:41 socks says I’ll be Honest. I just made what sock said into a very terrible joke
leon soraire
leon soraire Pred 28 dnevi
Socks say how to put that weapon
Jazzy Kat
Jazzy Kat Pred 29 dnevi
Alright BakBak take notes.
Sixten Frid
Sixten Frid Pred 29 dnevi
socks did you watch memes video of this concept? He THREATENED NADWES BABY WITH A GUN no wonder you hate that child murderer
REI GAIMING Pred 29 dnevi
How do u do this
Finlay Wasey
Finlay Wasey Pred mesecem
blaza with no brimmm look at meeeee **dies**
James Holman
James Holman Pred mesecem
Socks and fatmemegod joking about dating -The Fandom has Entered the chat
The crewmate Crew
The crewmate Crew Pred mesecem
Socks I’m sorry but I think mr blaza is better all of you guys
Pr3si0nn Pred mesecem
Stop taking SSundee’s idea
HomeBaseGaming Pred mesecem
When you realize meme for is a hyena his laugh dough
kantibhai gadia
kantibhai gadia Pred mesecem
Devil role with fire sabotages how about that?
THE BIG BRAIN Pred mesecem
sudden changes
Elijah Harrison-Brown
can you stop doing the muisc in the meeting when your imposter? plz
scp minecrafter
scp minecrafter Pred mesecem
2:58 leather face joocie
William S
William S Pred mesecem
Socks please give this to the sherif, the role would work the same (dying after killing crew) but it would be cool
Fajny Pawcio
Fajny Pawcio Pred mesecem
poor meme god :(
Georgia Wilson
Georgia Wilson Pred mesecem
strider man
strider man Pred mesecem
socks swearing{know he bleeped it out but still}
Mohamed.M 422
Mohamed.M 422 Pred mesecem
WHO is not here socks: your mom ha garrit
Epic Toby
Epic Toby Pred mesecem
Socks for 1 that's a gun. Socks: yes.
ProdusGaming Pred mesecem
You should give the imp a machine gun
IDenne Pred mesecem
Among us but with John F Kennedy
Cl1nical Depression9
Wait, doesn’t already have a gun?
Socks finally said the b word.
Elite_Gacha_Gaming Pred mesecem
hey socks you did 3 new weapons for teh impostor, saber, RPG and gun, but what about a new role with a new weapon? Role: Assassin Side: Impostor side weapon for new role: Knife *SPECIAL ABILITY*: Invis while invis, the assassin can move 3 times faster than normal, has full vision(even when lights are off) can locate any person by opening the map the knife has a fast kill cooldown small attack range
Emily Uzoka
Emily Uzoka Pred mesecem
I love you socks
Emily Uzoka
Emily Uzoka Pred mesecem
Vega Ramirez
Vega Ramirez Pred mesecem
Imposter:Ahhhhhhh got a nice Revolver by my side Socks:Mind if I borrow this
KEVIN BUZZ Pred mesecem
Thanos role.Among us.The crew has all the special roles and proximity chat.the stones should be around the map dosen't matter what kind but the crew can see them The imposter has no ability until they collect a stone if they collect all the stones then the imp can snap and can see better 30 sac cooldown they can kill more then one person you pick how many. Well let's get into the power the YELLOWSTONE you can make it have either have a life still wean thare dead but they are standing or have them follow you for ten sac 15 sac cooldown the Bluestone makes potols the crew can walk in and get TELEPORTED they can be like vents 10 sac cooldown the purple stone can kill any one on the map but they don't get TELEPORTED 25 sac cooldown red stone makes the crew stop for ten sac or makes the imp transform into anyone 10 cooldown the GREEN stone how will you do this it can rewind,speed up,and stop time25 cooldown I love your videos pls like this comment so he can see it this took a while
Epic_robloxfan0445 Pred mesecem
new gun: i can shoot people while in game gun kill animation : am i a joke to you?
FredSir Pred mesecem
The among us gang is here!
Omar Reda
Omar Reda Pred mesecem
Lettiraly impostors really have guns You can know that from 1 scene "GUN KILL ANIMATION SEEN"
Lil Boi
Lil Boi Pred mesecem
The imposter already has a gun
Waffle Boi
Waffle Boi Pred mesecem
Give this to the sherrif now please
Rashad Hayden
Rashad Hayden Pred mesecem
Cuss word 3:33
kurama Pred mesecem
osanixian Pred mesecem
1:09 FatMemeGodcks
Derren Derrenyeo
Derren Derrenyeo Pred mesecem
Bruh why do you keep killing fatmemegod
how do i download it?
HMMG STUDIO Pred mesecem
For his neutral special, impostor wields a gun
Salamii Pred mesecem
Donnie Birdno
Donnie Birdno Pred mesecem
3:43 Did socks cuss?!?!?
idk what to put my name
Sudden changes sans but in among us(lol)
TheSlyFox 24
TheSlyFox 24 Pred mesecem
You should do it agian but you have a fein death
Jeremiah Blonde
Jeremiah Blonde Pred mesecem
meme you got played.
Baryonixboy productions
10:50 i knew it was coming to Meme i knew there love wouldn't last.
JJ's animations
JJ's animations Pred mesecem
Yes this is copied... from myself: And a *Government* role that each round can select a player to have a spy camera follow. With that spy camera they can watch the person at anytime. The spy camera can follow the player it's set on.
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Pred 14 dnevi
@JJ's animations ...
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Pred 15 dnevi
@JJ's animations make sense
JJ's animations
JJ's animations Pred 16 dnevi
@Anthony Johnson I copied it from myself, dummy
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Pred 16 dnevi
No you are a copy
Shubhashree Parija
Shubhashree Parija Pred mesecem
Dude the impostor always have a gun The killing animation has a gun means The impostor already has a gun Lol normal among us
StillAPeach Pred mesecem
3:42 well then.
I'm Leaving YouTube
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among us NEW VR UPDATE
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I'm Leaving YouTube
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